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German Shepherd Dog: What is His Character?

A German Shepherd is a large, strong dog with a strong, brave character. Whoever keeps him in a species-appropriate manner, educates him well and socializes him, has a wonderful, friendly and calm pet in him. A German shepherd dog is a loyal, friendly dog ​​when kept in good condition - Image: Shutterstock / Hysteria

The German Shepherd is usually a very loyal contemporary who is affectionate and goes through thick and thin with his owners. In addition, many other qualities qualify him as a pleasant family dog.

German shepherd: docile, smart and friendly

The nature of this dog is usually calm, but confident. He is friendly and well tolerated by humans and animals. Because he is smart, docile and willing to work, he is not only suitable as a working and companion dog, but is also easy to train - however, his owners should be consistent and know what they are doing in their upbringing.

Its stable, robust nature makes the dog versatile. Active and smart as he is, he needs a variety of jobs that, like a few other factors, are very important to keep him calm and balanced.

Very important: Appropriate husbandry

Especially with a large, intelligent and active dog like the German Shepherd, it has a lot to do with its attitude and upbringing, how its nature develops. An absolutely species-appropriate attitude, lots of exercise and activity that demands him are important for the dog, his well-being and thus also his behavior.

German Shepherd: Versatile herding and family dog

It is important that a German Shepherd is well socialized and consistently and professionally trained right from the start, so that only the very best comes to light!