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Smart and sociable: The Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a rare, beautiful and intelligent cat with a strong character. We would like to summarize the special features of the majestic velvet paws below. Sociable and confident: The Turkish Van - Image: Shutterstock / Martin Capek

Sociable and confident: The Turkish Van - Image: Shutterstock / Martin Capek

The Turkish Van is a gentle and cuddly cat. Adaptable and very fond of children, it fits just as well in single person households as in families.

The Turkish Van and its character

The Turkish Van usually stays close to its people in a sociable and social way. She pays special attention to one of her chosen caregivers, from whose side she is reluctant to leave. Separations are very difficult for her - the elegant Turkish cat breed is very unsuitable for a change of ownership.

She is a fairly intrepid, assertive, spirited and needy cat. Because she is "talkative" and has a very loud voice, you can usually not hear that the sweet velvet paw is nearby.

A lot of activity: a must for the great cat

The Turkish Van is a very clever cat who finds it easy to learn. Even trying tricks with her is worth trying. Many representatives of this cat breed like to retrieve and are known to steal something from time to time. Opening doors or cupboards is often less difficult for them than their owners would like.

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The big, strong cat has a lot of fun climbing, jumping and playing. Their love of water is usually very pronounced: atypical for a house tiger, most representatives of this breed like to splash around and even swim, which requires their owners to pay special attention to the safety of their velvet paw.