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Utilize the boxer properly: Tips

As an agile and spirited dog, the boxer needs a lot of work - and that's where you are in demand! Find out here how to properly utilize your boxer. A toy is wonderful to keep the boxer busy - Shutterstock / AnetaPics

The boxer is a child-loving family dog ​​and generally a very pleasant companion. But it can also be demanding and sometimes even exhausting if it is underutilized. A German boxer needs more than just his daily walks: he wants to be challenged - both mentally and physically.

Brain sport for your dog

The boxer is a very physical dog who prefers to go through the wall with his head - but you should also treat him to a little mental exercise. For example, track work comes into question, for which boxers are very well suited despite their short nose. First, get your dog used to short, grass-covered tracks on which you distribute food. If the weather doesn't play along, you can also do the so-called "tracking" at home: For example, hide small food bags that you can use to reward your four-legged friend when he finds them.

Action, action, action

Even if your boxer has a lot of fun playing ball games - you better do without this type of load, because with constant jumping and running, the joints of this quite heavy and large dog breed are sometimes heavily loaded, which can quickly lead to injuries. Extensive tugging games are much better: A thick rope or even a towel for the young dog becomes a hard-fought toy that you and your dog can pull hard at. By the way, you can combine this game with small exercises: For example, you can use the command "Off!" or generally train letting go on command.

Squeaky dog ​​toys are fun!

Squeaky dog ​​toys are one of the most popular jobs for four-legged friends ...

Utilization even in old age

Boxers tend to play a lot and rave wildly even in old age - support your dog! Take for example squeaky animals on walks that your four-legged friend has to look for in high grass or other hiding places. Or pack a frisbee in the summer, for example, when it goes to a lake - your dog can then retrieve the toy from the cool water.

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