Tricky task: boy tries to catch kittens

The boy in this video is determined to carry the kittens romping around the home lawn back onto the picnic blanket. But the little cats do not make it easy for the committed child and just dash back to their playground.

The hard-working boy quickly tries to carry out the task given to him, to carry five sugar-sweet kittens on a blanket. But the cheeky fur noses have something else in mind. Instead of sitting quietly on the cozy pad, they keep running after the child. As soon as the three-cheese high put two velvet paws on the picnic blanket and made their way to the other three kitties, the two tipped after him again.

He has to walk back and forth several times until he has finally placed four kittens on the mat. But where's Mini-Miez number five gone? It stole away smoothly and hid in a bush. The Steppke sprints there quickly and, of course, is accompanied there by a baby cat. Sweet and so funny!

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