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Ragdoll cat Timo cuddles with plush pandas

The owners of Timo, the Ragdoll cat, are always happy to come up with new games for the cozy fleece ball. In this video, the fluffy cat encounters a number of plush pandas - and is hardly noticeable between the cute soft toys.

With his beautiful point drawing, Ragdoll tomcat Timo himself looks a bit like a panda and can camouflage himself wonderfully under the plush toys. As long as the cloth pandas don't bother him when he is napping, Timo has no objection to their presence. One of the plush pandas can even move the paws and make funny noises. This leaves the patient hangover completely unimpressed. He just dabs a little with his fleecy paw and sniffs the stuffed animal briefly, then decides to go back to his nap.

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