When animals see delicious food on the table

If the owner and mistress leave a plate of many delicacies unattended on the kitchen table, they need not be surprised if there is nothing left of them when they return. The cute and at the same time incredibly cheeky animals in this video show what is going on at home in the absence of their owners.

A bunny prickles up the ears and takes a close look at the treats on the table before jumping on them. A dog does not think long, jumps on the piece of furniture and quickly licks off a plate - before throwing it on the floor.

A cute hamster confidently takes a slice of his owner's breakfast bread and runs away with it while a kitty does the same and steals the whole bread bag. And a small raccoon sits confidently at the table, rummaging around in a bowl with its paws. Yes, these animals know where to find the tastiest food!

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