Cheeky floppy-eared rabbit babies want to plunder

The lively floppy-eared rabbit babies in the video are four and a half weeks young and fist-thick behind their spoons. She put her human mom in a small playpen in the living room - and the smart little animals immediately try to practice. Whoosh! The rabbit babies jump out of the playpen with one sentence and their human mom has her hands full to catch the rascals again.

One outbreak artist after the other jumps out of the playpen and one of the puffy patties even ends up right on the lap of the human mom. Floppy-eared rabbits have erect ears in their first weeks of life, and only later do they fall down. One of the babies, the one with the black fur, already has two floppy ears - the other ears are only partially bent. Either way, the mini hoppers look adorable. Does the house cat, who looks curiously at the sniffing nose, also sees it that way?

Dwarf Aries: Popular domestic rabbits with floppy ears